We believe the Church is the hope of the world!

Sorrowfully, we see American society moving further away from Judeo-Christian core beliefs. Studies show over the last 30 years church attendance has declined and church growth has not kept pace with the increase in population. Our culture is becoming increasingly secularized and polarized, making our nation more vulnerable to destructive non-biblical trends. We believe that new paradigms and approaches are needed in this season to more relevantly introduce people to the love of Christ. City Advance invites pastors, leaders of non-profits, marketplace and prayer leaders to engage their community in relevant ways.

Our Plan

We believe God is stirring a movement in cities worldwide. City Advance is calling leaders with a vision for citywide gospel movements to come together each year to connect, equip and grow these movements to the next level. City Advance is an “iron sharpening iron” approach, cross-fertilizing ideas and practices across various disciplines that relate to the broad topic of ‘city transformation.’ The format: high caliber plenaries, sharing/comparing city movement models, engaging issues at roundtables, “go-and-show” on-site visits and peer coaching.

 History and Perspective

 City Advance started as a leadership learning consultation originally. The initial prototype was launched as a two-day gathering that preceded Movement Day in New York City, October, 2010 - 2015.


Valley Communities

George’s experience is drawn from numerous areas which includes 27 years in business, 25 years serving in various roles in the local churches, 24 years participating in and 26 years facilitating city wide prayer summits in both English and Spanish, and 20 years in vocational ministry through ESA/Love INC and CityAdvance. George is a co-designer of City Advance which delivers relevant catalytic citywide equipping and coaching to Christian leaders, who seek cross sector citywide leadership collaborations providing spiritual and various societal solutions in their city. George resides in Fresno California where the vision of Valley Communities reaches out to 53 Central Valley cities located in eight counties. 

City Advance

Pastor Sam Estes has been in ministry for 40 years and has served as a Pastor, Director of Youth for Christ, set on many community boards and has previous experience in the nonprofit ministry, business sectors.

Sam is deeply committed to Jesus Christ and his community. He serves as facilitator of the Sanger Community Task Force: a group of community leaders whose goal is to network, collaborate and meet the ongoing needs of the City of Sanger and surrounding community. He also facilitates a monthly meeting with the leadership of Sanger Unified School District Administrators, Sanger City Manager and Department Heads and the Sanger District Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. He served as past Chairman of the Sanger District Chamber of Commerce and is chaplain for the Sanger Police Department.