Our national strategic alliance of coaches can leverage a variety of kingdom assets for your community increasing your effectiveness and productivity.

Any city gospel movement has its own unique kingdom assets: pastors, marketplace and non-profit leaders, prayer mobilizers, etc. It is the role of catalytic and champion leaders to bring these assets into right relationship and functional alignment. But often a citywide team can get either myopic, or “stuck,” uncertain of next steps. A citywide team can greatly benefit from exposure to fresh ideas and stories. Often, the experience and discernment of a veteran city-reaching practitioner can prove timely and beneficial. Consider the value of a City Advance coach coming alongside your movement, helping give fresh definition and focus to your journey.


The Catalyst

the visionary pioneer, who steps out in faith, and with God’s appointing and anointing, calls other leaders to engage a fresh, preferred future

The Connector

the natural networker, motivated to make relational and functional links between the variety of assets in the Body of Christ across a community or region

The Champion

the catalyst opens a new gate, the champion owns the vision, engages the path, compels others to follow, and stays the course

The Collaborator

the leader who resonates and partners with the vision for citywide kingdom advance, choosing to bring his/her unique gifts, assets and resources to the table