Convening strategic cross-sector collaboration, resulting in high impact community outcomes.

Our experienced team provides training and equipping in catalyzing a Community Taskforce. We equip taskforce leaders, training them to convene private, public, faith-based, and social sectors to collaborate around specific goals that seek commonly agreed upon spiritual and societal changes.


Sanger connected every school to a church in the city

The Sanger Chamber of Commerce credits the Community Taskforce for helping to win a bid to relocate the headquarters of the California State American Legion (88,000 memebers) to Sanger increasing jobs and added economic growth

The taskforce has engaged 300 leaders representing 90 agencies who together have found how to leverage community assets bringing about community solutions

Hope Sanger, a solution to address Homelessness, was birthed out of the Community Taskforce

During the Taskforce Crime in Sanger dropped 35%

The Sanger school district went from bottom 2% in the State to a top ten% school district and won an award for the most improved school district in the US

Community Services Enhancements:

CMDA hosted two free medical and dental clinics with over 160 people served. Every time there is a community event hosted by a taskforce member, the other members support it by attending and participating

Personal life change story

An 11 year old boy started Stand Up and Bee Heard, and has held numerous community-wide events along with funding coming from members of the task force

Mental Health

There were suicides addressed by the task force and through NAAMI and the school Mental Health team over 90 people have taken classes for awareness, prevention and intervention

Restorative Justice

started through the task force and now 16 mediators have been trained and the police department is finalizing cases to go to mediation